Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors

A former BBC broadcaster, KEITH HINDELL is the author of Abortion Law Reformed (Peter Owen, 1971, paperback, 2012).
JAMES CAMPBELL worked at the Times Literary Supplement for many years. His recent book is Just Go Down to the Road: A Memoir of Trouble and Travel (Paul Dry Books, 2022).
MICHAEL SPENCE’s Umbilical (St. Augustine’s Press, 2016) won The New Criterion Poetry Prize.
W. S. DI PIERO’s most recent book is Fat: New and Uncollected Prose (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2020).
GARRET KEIZER is the author most recently of The World Pushes Back (Texas Review Press, 2019), which won the X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize.
RICHARD TILLINGHAST’s most recent book of poems is Blue If Only I Could Tell You (White Pine Press, 2022).
CALLY CONAN-DAVIES is a writer who lives in Tasmania.
MARIA TERRONE’s book of poetry, Eye to Eye, appeared in 2014 from Bordighera Press.
BETH GUTCHEON is a screenwriter and the author of eleven novels, most recently The Affliction (William Morrow, 2018).
STEPHEN BEHRENDT’s most recent book of poetry is Refractions (Shechem Press, 2014).
JOAN MURRAY’s fifth book is Swimming for the Ark: New & Selected Poems 1990–2015 (White Pine Press Distinguished Poets Series).
MICHAEL SALCMAN was chairman of neurosurgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. His most recent book is Necessary Speech: New & Selected Poems (Spuyten Duyvil, 2022).
JÁNOS ARANY* (1817–1882) shared the honor of being Hungary’s greatest poet of the time.
FREDERICK TURNER’s most recent book of poetry is Latter Days (Colosseum Books, 2022).
ZSUZSANNA OZSVÁTH is the author of When the Danube Ran Red (Religion, Theology and the Holocaust) (Syracuse University Press, reprint edition, 2017).
BRIAN SWANN’s piece here is in his forthcoming collection titled Ya-Honk! Goes the Wild Gander: Covid Divagations (MadHat Press, 2023).
LAUREN K. WATEL’s* prose poem honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, set to music by Pulitzer-winning composer Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, premiered last fall by the Dallas Symphony.
KEVIN PRUFER’s* next poetry collection, The Fears, will appear from Copper Canyon Press in October.
RICHARD CECIL* teaches in the Honors College of Indiana University. His most recent book of poetry is Twenty First Century Blues (Southern Illinois Press, 2004).
TOMASZ RÓżYCKI’s* book To the Letter is forthcoming this year from Archipelago Books.
MIRA ROSENTHAL* is the author of Territorial, a 2022 Pitt Poetry Series selection. Her translation of Tomasz Różycki’s Colonies won the Northern California Book Award.
KAREN WILKIN was the curator, with Christina Kee, of “Ophir and Friends: a Tribute to Ophir Agassi” at the New York Studio School.
JOSEPH GIOVANNINI* is a practicing architect. His latest book is Architecture Unbound: A Century of the Disruptive Avant-Garde (Rizzoli, 2021).
ERICK NEHER is Vice President of Marketing for Hearst Magazines.
Green Hill, LORNA KNOWLES BLAKE’s second collection, won the Able Muse Book Prize and was published by them in 2018.
ROBERT ARCHAMBEAU’s novel Alice B. Toklas Is Missing will be published by Regal House in November.
WILLIAM H. PRITCHARD’s next piece for this magazine will be on A. N. Wilson.
CARY HOLLADAY’s latest book is Images of America: Glen Allen (Arcadia Publishing, 2022).
BROOKE ALLEN teaches History of Thought in the Bennington Prison Education Initiative.
MARK JARMAN’s latest collection of poetry is Zeno’s Eternity (Paul Dry Books, 2023).
DEAN FLOWER is editing a collection of his environmental essays for publication later next year.
*Asterisk indicates a new contributor.