Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors

An essayist and translator from French and German, TESS LEWIS was a 2022 Berlin Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin.

In 2019 LAURA FREUDENTHALER* published her second novel, Geistergeschichte (Ghost Story), which won the European Prize for Literature. The story in this issue was awarded the 3sat Preis at the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Competition in 2020.

DAVID LEHMAN’s* most recent book of poems is The Morning Line (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2021). He is series editor of The Best American Poetry.

JEFFREY HARRISON’s sixth book of poetry, Between Lakes (Four Way Books, 2020), was selected as a Must-Read Book by the Massachusetts Center for the Book.

WILLIAM LOGAN’s most recent book of poetry is Rift of Light (Penguin, 2017); his recent book of criticism is Broken Ground: Poetry and the Demon of History (Columbia University Press, 2021).

MEG SCHOERKE lives in San Francisco.

BRIAN CULHANE is the author most recently of the poetry collection Remembering Lethe (Able Muse Press, 2021).

BRUCE BOND’s* Behemoth, poetry (Encounter Books, 2021), won the New Criterion Prize. He is the Regents Emeritus Professor of English at the University of North Texas.

BRUCE LAWDER’s fourth book of poems, Shorelines, will be published by Homestead Lighthouse Press later this year.

PAUL JONES’s* book of poetry, Something Wonderful, was published by Redhawk Publishing in 2021. That same year, he was inducted into the North Carolina State Computer Science Hall of Fame.

JOYCE SCHMID* is a poet who lives in Palo Alto, California.

Lowestoft Chronicle, issue 51, September 2022 carries an interview with MARK JACOBS.

KEVIN HONOLD’s second novel, The Lady of Good Voyage, is forthcoming early in 2023 from Orison Books. He is a Special Education teacher in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A new collection of poems by RICHARD HOFFMAN, Mundus et Infans, is forthcoming from Lily Poetry Review Books in spring 2023. He is Emeritus Writer in Residence at Emerson College in Boston.

GARRET KEIZER is the author most recently of The World Pushes Back (Texas Review Press, 2019), which won the X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize.

ELIZABETH SPIRES’s most recent book of poetry, A Memory of the Future (W. W. Norton), was a New York Times Best Book of Poetry in 2018. She lives in Baltimore.

BRIAN SWANN’s most recent poetry collection is Sunday out of Nowhere: New and Selected Poems (Sheep Meadow Press, 2018). In 2023, Johns Hopkins Press will publish his fourteenth poetry collection, Imago.

BROOKE ALLEN teaches History of Thought in the Bennington Prison Education Initiative.

BECKY Y. LU recently earned a Ph.D. in Musicology from Cornell University, where her dissertation won a Donald J. Grout Memorial Prize. She is now Lecturer in Music at California Institute of Technology.

By day, ERICK NEHER is the Vice President of Marketing for Hearst Magazines.

KAREN WILKIN participated in a panel on Barnard alumnae and the arts at a recent reunion.

In 2023, MARK JARMAN’s collection of poetry, Zeno’s Eternity, is forthcoming from Paul Dry Books, publisher also of his collection of essays, Dailiness, in 2020.

MICHAEL THURSTON* is Provost and Dean of Faculty at Smith College and Helen Means Professor of English.

WILLIAM H. PRITCHARD’s next piece for this magazine will be an overview of Ian McEwan.

DAVID MASON’s new collection of poems is Pacific Light (Red Hen Press). He lives in Tasmania.

Canadian poet BRUCE WHITEMAN’s most recent collection is entitled The Invisible World Is in Decline, Book IX (ECW Press, 2022).

SUSAN BALÉE reads, writes, and plays league tennis in Fernandina Beach, Florida.
*Asterisk indicates a new contributor.