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Summer Blockbusters

Some Final Words

What Was Postmodern Poetry?

Friends: Pepys and Evelyn

The Runner


Remember; first snow

His Voice

Two Windows; Epiphany; Wingbanger

The Streaming; Dream Interrupted—; S t a r r y N i g h t


We Walk Invisible

Shipwreck Is Everywhere

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On Michael Wood on Empson

Notes from the Road: Part II

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Ghosts Walking

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Bloom’s Falstaff

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From Rhymed Lines to Mongrel Tongues

A Worker in the Vineyard

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The Diagnosis; The Wait; A Word

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The Head of the Table

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The Freedom of Montaigne

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Other Men’s Fields

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Letter from Tuscany

Notes from the Road

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The Wedding at Valocchio

Lanzarote; Lake Pleiad

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Fiction in the Bardo

Subtle Cinema

The Glowing

“More than Just”: A Partial View of Robert Lowell

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Cold and Clear

Letter from London

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“Carpe You Imbecile!”

Outlaw: George Eliot

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At the Galleries

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The Enemy

Call and Response

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The Museum of Me; The Bishnoi Trees

Fragments of a Marriage; Don’t Do It; Geniza

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In Praise of Small Brooks

Leading Ladies

Conrad Once More

If We Could Fly

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Cast Ashore: Minor Lives Among Minor Lives

To Berlin

Donald Davie Among the Zanies

A Compensation of Sorts; How Poems Arrive; Dover Beach Reconsidered

Tangled Webs