Spring 2015 (Volume LXVIII, No. 1)







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Philip Levine: In Memoriam

Late Moon   2 a.m. December, and still no moon rising from the river. My mother home from the beer garden stands before the open closet her hands still burning. She smooths the fur collar, the scarf, opens the gloves crumpled like letters. Nothing is lost she says to the darkness, Nothing. The moon finally […]

January Sonnet: a poem by Charles Tomlinson

Fog has wadded a dirty white  Into all outlets from the eye. I stand At an opening over unfenced land  On which sheer cloud has settled. To the white obstruction you can see no end  Where yesterday a clear way through Drew the gaze that now must keep its distance  As both fog and night […]

Letter Written During a January Northeaster: a poem by Anne Sexton

Monday Dearest, It is snowing, grotesquely snowing upon the small faces of the dead. Those dear loudmouths, gone for over a year, buried side by side like little wrens. But why should I complain? The dead turn over casually, thinking:             Good! No visitors today. My window, which is not a grave, is dark with my […]

Track: a poem by Ted Kooser

  My boot prints in the snow have grown a little bigger every day, gone soft in sun, the crisp blue edges melting. This morning, as I followed or was led by them, I saw, a hundred feet ahead, a bird red as a drop of blood, dipping its head to drink from where just […]

Thanksgiving: a poem by Ginger Andrews

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. -Hebrews 13:2   If the almost perfectly fluted edge of your homemade pumpkin pie’s crust burns even though you carefully crinkled aluminum foil around it as soon as you noticed it was browning way too fast, for […]