Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors

SYDNEY LEA was Vermont’s Poet Laureate from 2011 to 2015. In 2021, he received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. His most recent poetry collection is What Shines (Four Way Books, 2023).

DAVID MASON’s most recent collection of poems is Pacific Light (Red Hen Press, 2022). He lives in Tasmania.

CHIWENITE ONYEKWELU* is the author of the poetry chapbook EXILED (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2023). He has served as Chief Editor at The School of Pharmacy Agulu, where he’s currently an undergraduate.

OTHUKE UMUKORO,* Nigerian poet and playwright, won the 2021 Brunel International African Poetry Prize. An MFA candidate at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, he recently won the 2023 Academy of American Poets University Poetry Prize.

JOHN MULCARE* is a poet from the Pacific Northwest. He received an MFA from Vanderbilt University.

LENNA MENDOZA* is a poet and MFA student at the University of Mississippi.

TIMOTHY NOLAN* is a writer and visual artist living in Palm Springs, California. His work is in the collections of the de Young Museum of Art and the Portland Art Museum.

LOUISE MARBURG’s latest collection of short stories is You Have Reached Your Destination (EastOver Press, 2022).

JAYANTA MAHAPATRA’s (1928–2023) latest poetry book is Noon: New and Selected Poems, published by Ketaki Foundation Trust.

REBECCA FOUST’s most recent book of poetry is Only (Four Way Books, 2022). Her poems won the 2023 New Ohio Review prize.

ANTONIO MUÑOZ MOLINA’s latest novel is No te veré morir (I will not see die) (Seix Barral, 2023).

GUILLERMO BLEICHMAR teaches at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

D. NURKSE’s twelfth poetry collection, A Country of Strangers, was published by Knopf in 2022.

DAVID IVES is a playwright whose shows include Here We Are, written with Stephen Sondheim.

ROBERT SCHULTZ’s most recent book of poems is Into the New World (Slant Books, 2020).

LESLIE PIETRZYK’s most recent book is Admit This to No One (Unnamed Press, 2021). This Angel on My Chest won the 2015 Drue Heinz Literature Prize (University of Pittsburgh Press).

WILLIAM VIRGIL DAVIS’ most recent book of poetry is Dismantlements of Silence: Poems Selected and New (Texas Review Press, 2015).

BRENDAN GALVIN’s (1938–2023) last published book of poetry was Partway to Geophany (LSU Press, 2020).

ELISABETH MURAWSKI’s latest collection is Heiress (Texas Review Press, 2018). Her chapbook Still Life with Timex won the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize (Texas Review Press, 2021).

ROBERT ARCHAMBEAU’s most recent book is Alice B. Toklas Is Missing (Regal House, 2023).

SUZANNE RHODENBAUGH’s third poetry book, The Girl Who Quit at Leviticus, was published by Homestead Lighthouse Press in 2022.

CARA DEES* is the author of Exorcism Lessons in the Heartland (Barrow Street, 2019).

DIANE THIEL’s latest book, Questions from Outer Space (Red Hen Press, 2022), received the 2023 Independent Press Award.

LEWIS MEYERS (1934–2020) studied with Donald Hall while earning his MA at the University of Michigan.

ERICK NEHER is Vice President of Marketing for Hearst Magazines.

KAREN WILKIN participated in a discussion of Matisse’s sculpture The Serf, part at the New York Studio School’s lecture series.

JOSEPH GIOVANNINI is an architecture critic and practicing architect. His latest book is Architecture Unbound: A Century of the Disruptive Avant-Garde (Rizzoli, 2021).

BROOKE ALLEN teaches History of Thought in the Bennington Prison Education Initiative.

SUSAN BALÉE lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida, where she makes sgraffiti pottery.

WILLIAM H. PRITCHARD’s new book is Ear Training: Literary Essays (Paul Dry Books, 2023).

MARK JARMAN’s latest collection of poetry is Zeno’s Eternity, from Paul Dry Books (2023).

*Asterisk indicates a new contributor.