The Hudson Review

Along These Lines: Fifty-Five Years of Hudson Review Poetry

In 1948, The Hudson Review began publication with a commitment to include poetry, along with other literary genres, in every issue. The poems it has published since its inception have, the Editors trust, reflected a reasonably catholic taste and an attitude that has remained broadly responsive to many different varieties of style and form. In general, the goal has been to find poets who speak with their own voices rather than in conformity to prevailing fashions, and to single out the best work without too much regard for its possible affiliation with one or another particular school or movement.

On the occasion of its 55th anniversary in 2003, the Editors invited a sampling of Hudson Review poets to read poems of their own that were first published in the magazine. They responded with enthusiasm. These representative voices—recorded in homes and offices all over the country—are assembled in this historic presentation in celebration of the many kinds of poetry published by The Hudson Review over the years.

Paula Deitz, Editor

Frederick Morgan, Founding Editor


Project director: Jon Mooallem
Producer & narrator: Dan Stone
Art Director & designer: Brandon Herring

All recordings were made from June through December 2002 by Speakeasy Literary Audio, Inc.

Along These Lines was made possible by support from The Joan L. and Julius H. Jacobsen II Foundation. The Editors wish to express our gratitude to the foundation for its outstanding generosity.

Intermittent commentary by Founding Editor Frederick Morgan, who also reads the poems of Edwin Muir, Wallace Stevens, Allen Tate, and William Carlos Williams.