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William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams

Passport photograph of William Carlos Williams, ca. 1920. Courtesy of the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University. Public domain.

Pictures from Brueghel (excerpt)

Brueghel: 2

The overall picture is winter
icy mountains
in the background the Return

from the Hunt it is toward evening
from the left
sturdy hunters lead in

their pack the inn-sign
hanging from a
broken hinge is a stag a crucifix

between his antlers the cold
inn yard is
deserted but for a huge bonfire

that flares wind-driven tended by
women who cluster
about it to the right beyond

the hill is a pattern of skaters
Brueghel the painter
concerned with it all has chosen

a winter struck bush for his
foreground to
complete the picture . .