Private: Editor Ron Koury Interviewed in The Weekly Standard

Managing Editor Ronald Koury

The Hudson Review’s managing editor Ron Koury discussed Literary Awakenings: Personal Essays from the Hudson Review with author Lee Smith in the most recent issue of The Weekly Standard. An excerpt of the interview:

TWS: What is a uniquely Hudson Review-style essay and how does it differ from, say, a New York Times Book Review essay?

Koury: I love the essays in the Times Book Review, but they simply don’t have the space to feature the longer, more wide-ranging essays we publish. Hudson Review essays are often thoughtful appreciations of serious writers. Usually they have a “hook” that is literary, but not exclusively so. Harold Fromm’s “How We Became So Beautiful and Bright” is an essay on evolutionary anthropology. Or there is one of my all-time favorites, Robert Graves on “Jungian Mythology.” Brooke Allen often writes essays on the Founding Fathers. So, I would say that range of subject matter is one of the defining characteristics of our essays.

For a preview of Literary Awakenings, see William H. Pritchard’s introduction to the collection, published in our Spring 2016 issue.