Winter 2008 (Volume LX, No. 4)

Letter from Orvieto

J.S. Bach in the Twenty-First Century: The Chapel Becomes a Larder

South of Rome: 1999

Voicing the Air We Breathe; Blame


The Faraway Nearby

Between Neighbors; On a Glass of Ale Under a Reading Lamp; An Informal Elegy for Neckties

The Language of Women; Moon, Steam; The Boat

Clock Song; Handful; Peaks

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

From Dante’s Vita Nuova; The New Life; Eclogue; Nook and Cranny; Ars Poetica

Ezra Pound in a Spring Storm; Transformations

Christmas Night; December 26

The Lost Gold; Off Little Deer Isle; Love’s Touch

Tree, Lily, Rose, Grape: Object and Thought in the Work of Farhad Ostovani

A National Treasure

Revolutionaries Revisited

Hogarth, Turner, Soane & Canaletto

Literature As Resistance

Voices in Fiction

Irascible Man

Lost Road

Thick on Severn snow the leaves: Housman’s Letters