Spring 2008 (Volume LXI, No. 1)

Letter from Arcadia

Apt Admonishment: Wordsworth As an Example

Roses; Hourya; On Painting; Equal and Opposite

The Children’s Table; Encounter; Aid to Memory; Castlerigg; Wedding Villanelle

What He Said; Les Passages; Gödel; Poetry Night at the Frost Place

Penelope Fitzgerald’s Unknown Fiction

The Soldier in My Throat

The Mooi

Worlds Apart

All I Took with the Sun

A Youth of Beauty; The Fly’s Poem about Emily; The Month of Holy Souls

Sorrow in 1944

Translations from the Unborn; Memo from Above; A Kiss of Frost; A Sort of Oracle



Letter to My Father; Offertorio

Out Front; The Cats of 148th Street; A Deepness in Myself Where Seasons Live

Fred: The Astaire Way to Heaven

Grimes Begrimed

Pomo Retro Rite

Beckett at 100

At the Galleries

Beloved Patrons

Edmud Wilson’s Permanent Criticism

The Value of Doubt

On Edginess

Pinker and Johnson on Human Nature

Feasting and Fasting

Two Mothers, Two Memoirs