Spring 2006 (Volume LIX, No. 1)

The New Writers Issue

Letter from Helsinki

Memory of Troy, trans. by Richard Pevear

Heading for the Shoals

Bloodwork: Libération; Baseballade; Casus Belli

From “Il Beato Pellegrino”

Starlings; Recollection

Ambiguities, Complexities, Puzzles: A Late Encounter with William Empson

Bedtime Story; A Book of Hours; Washashores

The Road; Rice; Over the Wall

Vacancy; Fitzgerald’s Funeral Home

Søren Kierkegaard: Master of Refraction

Doors; Light Bulbs and Soap

Park Elementary School; The Photographs in Margaret Byington’s Homestead: The Households of a Mill Town

The Sea Within

A Century in Brief

Inner Conflict

Filial Longing

Music Chronicle

Gallery Chronicle

The Perfect Critic

Civilized Pleasures

Theory’s Umpires

Daniel Dennett and the Brick Wall of Consciousness

A Clear Conscience and a Good Night’s Sleep