Category: Poetry

Monster; An Old Story

Come Back

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Doing That Thing to the Field; There Came a Point in the Brutal Winter; Aubade with Bird; A Translation of Frogs

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Cuttyhunk, Late Afternoon

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Machu Picchu; Older Age; Spilled Milk

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From Mouth of Hell

Ars Poetica

The Vision; Mirrors

The Illusion of Memory; The Night Was a Pretense of Night

So Bitter Was That Lemon When You Threw It

Gentle Song for the Donkeys of My Town

The Death Sonnets; Close to Me

Urna Votiva

From By Word of Mouth: Poems from the Spanish, 1916–1959

From The Solitudes

Memorial; Chris St. George

Night Ferry from the Island

Drab Kitchen-Sink Drama; Moving In: Saturday Morning

Schooled in the Open Sea; Divertimento 563; Mosquitoes; April

After a Calm Day

Mrs. Mason and the Poets

Prophecy; The Lunatic, The Lover, and the Poet

Some Years in the History of Love Poetry


Transport; Hope Is Dead; Jell-O


Impressions of a Drowning Man

“Vienna, Spring 1962”; At Our Feet

A Little Homily on the Law of the Diffusion of Gases; The Stone Dreamer


The Science Behind Snowflakes; Air Guitar

The Heronry; Bulgarian Icon of the Last Supper; Outward Bound; Tea Fire


Gethsemane; Silverfish; Greylock

The Pheasant in His Empires; Cumulo-Nimbus

East Side, West Side


Metaphor; Home; Pariah

What Was Left

Handbook of the Foley Artist; Hide and Seek; The Ghost

Technical Divination; Why It Is Hard to Get to the Library on Time; Canvassing for Mr. Obama; The Stars of Earth; The Beautiful Game; Kisses

A Winter Light; The Star of the Nativity; Magdalene, by Boris Pasternak

Ours; Delayed; Shadows, Saddle Canyon

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Field Report: June; Apocalypto w/ Birds

The Way Home


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Night; Mount Fuji; Morning Letter

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Cocke County Backdrop; The Way Girls Stand in Pictures

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Blue Flower; Widow Road

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My Father in His Coffin

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