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Whole Earth: Edward O. Wilson’s Proposal to Save the Biosphere

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You Are Not Finished: Seamus Heaney’s Translation of the Aeneid Book VI

Life and After Life

The Elements of Style

The Heronry; Bulgarian Icon of the Last Supper; Outward Bound; Tea Fire

Odtaa Furioso

The Poet As Prophet: The Life and Letters of Robinson Jeffers

The Judgment of Poetry

What Happened to the New Formalism

Letter from the Western Isles

Writing for God: The Life and Work of George Herbert

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The Dancing Satyr; Meaning; Crab in a Mussel Shell

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Lives of a Poet: Denise Levertov

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A Poet’s Life in Letters

From the Gazebo; The Flower Duet

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More or Less

Letter from the Mediterranean

William Carlos Williams in Translation

Letter from Prague

A Word to the Wise: New Translations of Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes

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Primary Texts and Secondary Sources

Citizen Milton

Translation for Our Moment

The Children’s Table; Encounter; Aid to Memory; Castlerigg; Wedding Villanelle

On Edginess

Praying and Bird-Watching: The Life of R.S. Thomas

A Secondary Epic: Robert Fagles’ Aeneid

Your Anonymous Correspondent: Ezra Pound and The Hudson Review

Good Company: Six Voices

Theory’s Umpires

When the Light Came On: The Epic Gilgamesh

Late Excellence

A Poem of Pure Enjoyment

To Kill or Not to Kill: When Heroes Waver

Ovid, Our Contemporary

Letter from Sofia

A Life on the Page

The Excitement; Enlightenment Ghazal; The Football Dream

Song of Roland; On Learning of a Child’s Memory; The Heavenly Ladder of John Klimax

Sister Nobody

Eliot Among the Women

Eyewitnesses of Majesty

Dark Night of the Brilliant Talker

Solving for X: The Poetry and Prose of Wallace Stevens

Cycle; Epistle I; Epistle II

A Story of Deep Delight: The Life of Robert Penn Warren

The Hunter Davenport

On Either Side of the Water

The Primal Storyteller

Shifting Sands: The Columbia History of American Poetry

Nine Unholy Sonnets

Memory’s Household

In Via Est Cisterna