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Letter from London

Yeats’s Poetics

An Outcropping

Allegory; Poem at Split Rock Cove; Cro-Magnon: Day One

Unlearn’d; Good-Luck T-Shirt; Bobby Pins

Scale; The Fountain Fishers: Victoria, British Columbia

Seeing Stars; Questions of Travel?

Our Fathers in Philadelphia

A Mood of Denial; Signs

The Immortality Factor

The Beautiful Things of the Earth Become More Dear as They Elude Pursuit; Explication of Consciousness on a Day of Rain

Ophelia at Carnegie Hall

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Dwelling in Possibility

Sunflowers; All Morning

Back to School with Nicholson Baker

Those Who Burn

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The Colonel’s Boy

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A Northern Harp

Charlotte Brontë: Insurrection and Resurrection

Rebecca in the Shadows

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You Are Not Finished: Seamus Heaney’s Translation of the Aeneid Book VI

Our Greatest Actress

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Portrait of a Lady Far from the Madding Crowd

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Misericordia; Sentimental Education; The Vision

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“A Strangeness in My Mind”: The 2016 Man Booker International Prize Finalists

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At the Galleries

Tunneling to the Disremembered

Yehudi Menuhin: The Childhood of a Prodigy

Six Lessons from Rikyu

The Birch; Closing the Loop on the Year

When We Talk About Death

Pictures of a Sea; For Lorca

To Hold from This Day Forward; A Music

Fated; Poem in Autumn

The Visitor

May 8, 2012; exsultate jubilate

Recepti Scriptores and Some Others

Watery Narratives

From The Duino Elegies

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Goddess or Witch? The Pale Queen’s Rise in Postwar British Literature

Letter from Cuba

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Hildegard von Bingen; St. Catherine of Bologna

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Life and After Life

Lives and Misfortunes of Lorenzo Da Ponte

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After the Rally

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Leah, Lamb

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The English Franklin

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Man of Action, Man of Letters